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Darna – liquor factory of Rovinj proudly carries on the legacy of a small, family owned distillery, which began operation in 1925. The unique spirits produced by Darna are a combination of traditional recipes and high quality Istrian ingredients.

The heritage of Darna’s handmade craft is evident in every drop and has won the recognition of true connoisseurs.

Loyalty to authenticity, originality and quality has earned Darna numerous national and international awards as well as the prestigious title of Hrvatska Kvaliteta (Croatian Quality).


Gazdina Rakija

Cherishing tradition as well as improving its values represents not only a great honor but also an obligation for us. We are proud to present to you, so far unsurpassed in quality – our special line of fruit brandies.

For the first time, true masters of lifestyle will be able to enjoy unrevealed experiences of the power of nature through exciting flavor and tastes of fruit, grown by ancient methods of our ancestors in the unique climate of the region of Potkozarje.

The secret recipe and modern technology combined produced such brandies, for indulgence of connoisseurs and adventurers alike. Each one has its own character, its perfect occasion.


Vina Laguna

Vina Laguna has nurtured the tradition of continuous wine production since 1934, when the Cantina Sociale di Parenzo wine cellar in Poreč has been founded and constructed, and the focus has been solely on the production of wines of controlled geographical indication.

In this small part of Istria, there is a combination of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean climate with a clear impact of the continental climate.

Its 600 hectares of vineyards, on Istrian red soil (terra rossa), as well as white soil on flysch (terra bianca), spread from the coast to the hills up to 300 meters above the sea level. All vineyards are located at no more than 20 km from the Vina Laguna cellar in Poreč.


Bartender Spirits Awards 2023

Darna International

  • DARNA Pelinkovac [Bitter Herbal Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Amaro [Herbal Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Orahovac [Walnut Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Coffee Liqueur 6/750ml

Darna vehicles travel around California

We thank our California distributor HistriaWines who proudly promote Darna's liqueurs on their vehicles.

Featured collection

  • VINA LAGUNA TERRA ROSSA Limited Edition 6/750ml