Collection: Gazdina Rakija

Cherishing tradition as well as improving its values represents not only a great honor but also an obligation for us. We are proud to present to you, so far unsurpassed in quality – our special line of fruit brandies.

For the first time, true masters of lifestyle will be able to enjoy unrevealed experiences of the power of nature through exciting flavor and tastes of fruit, grown by ancient methods of our ancestors in the unique climate of the region of Potkozarje.

The secret recipe and modern technology combined produced such brandies, for indulgence of connoisseurs and adventurers alike. Each one has its own character, its perfect occasion.

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5 products
  • GAZDINA Vilijamovka [Williams Pear Brandy] 6/750ml
  • GAZDINA Sljivovica [Plum Brandy] 6/750ml
  • GAZDINA Dunja [Quince Brandy] 6/750 ml
  • GAZDINA Kajsija [Apricot Brandy] 6/750 ml
  • GAZDINA Jabuka [Apple Brandy] 6/750 ml