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Darna – liquor factory of Rovinj proudly carries on the legacy of a small, family owned distillery, which began operation in 1925. The unique spirits produced by Darna are a combination of traditional recipes and high quality Istrian ingredients. The heritage of Darna’s handmade craft is evident in every drop and has won the recognition of true connoisseurs.

Loyalty to authenticity, originality and quality has earned Darna numerous national and international awards as well as the prestigious title of Hrvatska Kvaliteta (Croatian Quality).

For more information about Darna's liqueurs and their signature cocktails, please visit their website

21 products
  • DARNA Pelinkovac [Bitter Herbal Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Amaro [Herbal Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Orahovac [Walnut Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Coffee Liqueur 6/750ml
  • DARNA Teranino Istria [Red Wine Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Bazga [Elderflower Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Kruskovac Lux [Pear Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Bacio d'Amore [Raspberry Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Ovo Liker [Advocaat-Egg Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Cokoladni Liker [Chocolate Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Domaci [Croatian Rum/Liqueur] 6/750ml
  • DARNA Pelinkovac [Bitter Herbal Liqueur] 6/1L
  • DARNA Mini Bar [Assorted Gift Package] 4/100ml
  • DARNA Pelinkovac [Bitter Herbal Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Amaro [Herbal Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Orahovac [Walnut Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Coffee Liqueur 12/100ml
  • DARNA Teranino Istria [Red Wine Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Kruskovac [Pear Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Bacio d'Amore [Raspberry Liqueur] 12/100ml
  • DARNA Domaci [Croatian Rum/Liqueur] 12/100ml